Flameproof Motors
Flameproof Motors

ELOM Squirrel Cage explosion proof motors  are with squirrel cage rotor and bar winding.The motors have the advantage of light weight, good rigidity, low temperature rise and convenient installation and maintenance. They are widely used in coal mill  industry, oil &gas industry,chemical industry  to drive diffrent equipment like compressors,pumps, gearbox,ball mill machine ,liffting machine and other equipment

Our products Ex Mark including the following:

Flame proof motor:              ExdⅠMb、ExdⅡAT4 Gb、ExdⅡBT4 Gb、ExdⅡCT4 Gb

Increased safety motor:      ExeⅡT1 Gb、ExeⅡT2 Gb、ExeⅡT3 Gb

Positive pressure motor:     ExpxⅡT1 Gb、ExpxⅡT2 Gb、ExpxⅡT3 Gb

                                                 ExpyⅡT1 Gb、ExpyⅡT2 Gb、ExpyⅡT3 Gb

                                                 ExpzⅡT1 Gc、ExpzⅡT2 Gc、ExpzⅡT3 Gc

Non sparking motor:           ExnAⅡT1 Gc、ExnAⅡT2 Gc、ExnAⅡT3 Gc

Dust proof Motor:               Ex tD A20   、Ex tD A21  、Ex tD A22 ;

                                                 Ex tD B20  、Ex tD B21 、Ex tD B22.                          

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